Firearms Applications

During the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our intent is to process as many firearm applications as we can.

Residents can still initiate the online application process and the South River Police Department will continue to process those applications. However, due to limiting person-to-person contact and police headquarters being closed to the public during the current public health emergency, the final steps of the process may be delayed. 

The final steps of the process include picking up, signing for, and rendering payment for purchase permits and/or FID cards.

In addition, first time applications will be delayed indefinitely due to the closure of contracted fingerprint locations. This portion of the process will continue as soon as non-essential businesses are allowed to reopen.

Firearms ID card & permit to purchase applications for South River residents must be be submitted online at

NEW CHANGE: Previously, the form for consent to mental health background still needed to be submitted in person at the police department. This form no longer needs to be submitted in person. The above website has been updated and now includes the ability to submit this form online.

The South River Police Department ORI to be used by South River residents when completing the online application is NJ0122300. Upon submitting the request online, first time applicants will need to print out a fingerprint form and follow the directions provided for fingerprinting.

Please ensure your references are aware they need to check their email for a questionnaire regarding your application. Incorrect email addresses submitted as part of your application or failure of your references to respond to the questionnaire will cause a delay in your application.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found at

Additional questions can be directed to the following individuals:

Diane Nale
732-254-1150 ext. 102

Det. Joseph Guiamano
732-254-9002 ext. 123