About Our Social Media Efforts

It is important to keep in mind that our social media is not constantly monitored but we do read all comments and messages as soon as we can. Any incidents, concerns or requests for assistance should be reported by dialing 732-238-1000 for non-emergencies or 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency. Our dispatchers on duty will be more than happy to assist you.

The South River Police Department has been active on Facebook since 2012 posting event photos, department news, special events information, crime alerts, traffic updates, road closures and much more. After proving to be an effective means of communication with our residents during Superstorm Sandy and receiving positive feedback from residents, other social media platforms were gradually added.

Sharing information with our residents and keeping them informed is one of our department’s priorities. Our expansion into additional social media platforms has given our community multiple options to stay updated from and interact with our department. You can receive updates and information from the South River Police Department via the following:

Facebook: Our original social media platform remains the most active one we use. Information and content we share on all of our other platforms is also posted here, making this the one stop shop for everything.

Instagram: One of our newer platforms which features select pictures from our department’s day to day adventures, antics and happenings as well as occasional safety graphics and reminders.

Twitter: NIXLE alerts and Instagram photos are duplicated here along with the occasional short informational post.

Youtube: Occassionally, videos that are too long for our other social media platforms are posted here.

Nextdoor: Nextdoor is an app which differs from traditional social media platforms in that its content is primarily resident driven. In order to join, users must verify the neighborhood in which they reside. Our department cannot see residents' profiles nor can we see posts and comments made by residents. However, we are able to create posts, polls and emergency alerts and view replies to them. Public safety related information and alerts are occasionally posted on Nextdoor by us. The app also offers residents the ability to forward posts of concern to our agency.

NIXLE Text & Email Alerts: NIXLE is a method to receive text message and email alerts sent from our department. These alerts are sent for important information such as road closures, utility disruptions, school closures, special events, weather alerts and more. On average, between 5 and 10 alerts per month are sent from our department.  You can view the most recent NIXLE activity from our department here. Visit or use the widget at the bottom of our homepage to sign up and customize your alerts. 

NOTE: When signing up for NIXLE notifications for a specific community, you are automatically enrolled to receive notifications from surrounding communities as well. By creating a user account at you can customize alert types and opt in for or out of alerts from specific communities.

NIXLE Phone Call Alerts: NIXLE emergency phone notifications are used occasionally for extreme circumstances and urgent notifications. They are NOT a replacement for NIXLE text and email notifications.  You can enroll your cell phone or landline telephone number by following the same sign up methods for NIXLE text & email alerts mentioned above.