Vehicle Release Information

Vehicle Release Forms: Vehicles impounded for motor vehicle violations require a vehicle release form be obtained by the owner before the vehicle will be released by the wrecker company. Motor vehicle violations for which the vehicle was towed may include unregistered vehicles, vehicles with expired registrations, uninsured vehicles, abandoned vehicles, unlicensed drivers and drivers with suspended or expired licenses. Vehicle release forms can be obtained in person at our headquarters 24/7.

Requirements for Release: Prior to a release form being issued,  proof must be shown that the motor vehicle violation(s) for which the vehicle was towed have been corrected. In addition, the owner must be present as well as an individual with a valid drivers license. Alternatively, you may chose to obtain a vehicle release form which permits you to have the vehicle towed from the impound yard to a suitable location of your choice at your expense.

Fees & Charges: There is no fee to obtain a vehicle release form. Towing and storage fees charged by wrecker companies can be found below.

DUI Vehicles: Under John's Law (39: 4-50.23), vehicles impounded for DUI offenses are subject to a 12 hour hold during which the vehicle cannot be released to the offending operator. The vehicle may be released sooner to the registered owner if they were not operating the vehicle at the time of the offense.

Wrecker Companies:  The wrecker companies listed below are authorized to perform police tows and impounds within the Borough of South River. They are contacted and utilized on a rotating basis. 

Wrecker Fees & Charges

The following rates have been set by South River Ordinance 155-31 Chapter 344

  • Tow fee: $125.
  • Administrative Fee: $35 to cover the handling costs of a vehicle in storage.
  • Dead Storage (up to 15 days): $45 per 24 hour period or fraction thereof
  • Dead Storage (after 15 days): $60 per day
  • Storage Grace Period: 24 hours from the time of arrival at facility
  • Accident Scene Cleanup: $60 ($25 additional for absorbent material)
  • Standby Time: $85 per hour after 59 minutes
  • Winching Fee: $100 per hour

Wrecker Company Information

Fred's Towing


67 Causeway

South River, NJ 08882

Coppa's Towing


1 Moore Road

North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Rich's Towing


1099 14th Street

North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Logan's Towing


371 Old George Road, Rte 130

North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Riporti Auto Mall


1615 Englishtown Road

Old Bridge, NJ 08852